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The ICE Block MSCI Index Futures page allows you to search for reported trades using a number of different parameters.
Simply choose the criteria you want to search by, using the dropdown boxes.
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 Currency  Underlying Index Exchange Contract Code Bloomberg Futures Chain Reuters Futures Chain  Delivery  Trade time  Price  Volume
USD MSCI World Telecommunication Services Net Total Return MWT NDWUTEL .dMIWO0TC00NUS 01-Jun-23 6-Jun-23 08:09:37 165.2700 4,086
EUR MSCI EUROPE Health Care NTR EUR Index ME4 M7EU0HCN .dMIEU0HC00NEU 01-Jun-23 6-Jun-23 08:03:18 445.8000 38
USD MSCI World Consumer Staples Net Total Return MWB NDWUCSTA .dMIWO0CS00NUS 01-Jun-23 6-Jun-23 08:03:18 445.7320 4
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